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As a valued DAR member, you not only have the privilege of calling yourself a REALTOR®, you also have access to many other benefits. It’s our goal to provide you with an array of positive experiences to continually reinforce your decision.

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Take advantage of all the valuable resources your DeKalb membership has to offer:

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REALTOR® Brand Identity

The term REALTOR® is a registered trademark of the National Association of REALTORS® and may only be used by the members of the National Association of REALTORS®. Use of the REALTOR® trademark by non-members is a violation of copyright law. NAR commissioned a study and discovered that the REALTOR® brand is worth, on average, more than $4,500.00 annually to members!

Code of Ethics

REALTORS® adhere to a strict Code of Ethics that requires a higher standard of conduct than that required by real estate license law.

Benefits from Three REALTOR® Organizations

Joining the DeKalb Association of REALTORS® automatically entitles you to membership in the National Association of REALTORS® (NAR) and the Georgia Association of REALTORS® (GAR).

Professional Development

Education is the best way to grow your business. DeKalb REALTORS® provides free and affordable quality education to members.

Networking Opportunities

Network with other REALTORS® and Business Affiliates by attending events such as our REALTOR® Forums, which includes lunch, timely information and education to keep you up to date on issues that affect your business. REALTORS® Nights Out are held twice yearly and provide a relaxed atmosphere to interact with fellow REALTORS®, Leadership, and Affiliate members.


The success of the projects of the Association depends on its committee volunteers with your new ideas, enthusiasm and expertise. Your time will be well spent planning and implementing projects and you will benefit from the networking, socializing, and recognition.

Committees and Their Functions

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2017-2018 Strategic Plan

2017-2018 Strategic Plan

Affinity Partnerships

As a member, you have access to numerous discounts on services offered through the DeKalb Association of REALTORS®, including a 25% discount on education available to members only and one FREE 3 hour CE credit from both DeKalb REALTORS® and Georgia MLS Training Institute per year.  You can also access negotiated discounts with our Affinity partners as well as additional discounts through GAR and NAR.

Online Courses Through Georgia Association of REALTORS® Benefits Through National Association of REALTORS®

Legislative Advocacy

As a REALTOR® member, you have a team of legislative experts lobbying everyday for and against legislation that impacts your ability to practice real estate successfully on both state and federal levels.

Unique REALTOR® NRDS Access Number

REALTORS® are assigned a unique 9 digit number by the National Association of REALTORS®, referred to as a NRDS number (affectionately pronounced “nerds”). This number gives REALTORS® access to the password protected portion of the DeKalb Association of REALTORS®, the Georgia Association of REALTORS®, and the National Association of REALTORS® websites.