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You now have access to full credit reports and additional tenant screening information!

The DeKalb Association of REALTORS® has partnered with ApplyConnect, an online tenant screening service. Whether you are looking to protect your investment property or seeking to save time and money with a convenient, reliable alternative to traditional tenant screening—ApplyConnect can help.

ApplyConnect is a revolutionary tenant screening service. With ApplyConnect you can quickly identify qualified renters with a comprehensive screening report that includes an Experian credit report, complete with the VantageScore 3.0 scoring model, nationwide criminal background check, nationwide eviction history, and sex offender registry search. This helps landlords, property managers and real estate agents find more qualified renters, as VantageScore 3.0 allows for approximately 35 million more consumers to be scored, as compared to other scoring models.

There are no start up fees or onsite inspections. Another bonus: There is no cost to you for the report! The tenant pays for the report that is shared with you.

How does it work?

You’re just three easy steps from getting your first report:

1. Register here for your FREE account to Get Connected and confirm your identity.
2. Send an email invitation to your potential renter through ApplyConnect (be sure to get a unique email address per applicant)
3. Your renter opens the email to apply, pays $28.50 for the report (Visa, MasterCard, PayPal), views and shares their tenant background report online with you. The report will appear in your dashboard.

Once you’re registered and ApplyConnect is able to confirm your identity, you’ll be taken to your own personal dashboard where you can send an invitation to prospective tenants for a credit report. You’ll also be able to create a free ApplyConnect link you can use on your website, in your rental ads and/or on your mobile apps. Click here to Get registered now!

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